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Blackmagic Teranex Mini - HDMI to Optical 12G

Teranex Mini - HDMI to Optical 12G

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This model allows you to process HDMI sources to send the signals to other devices through SDI or fiber optic connections. It is only necessary to install a compatible SMPTE module to be able to transmit images with integrated audio over greater distances. In addition to featuring 12G SDI and XLR technology, the converter can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet network and provides the ability to upscale the original image for display on a UHD screen. SFP modules are sold separately, giving the user the flexibility to choose the one that best suits their needs. Also, it is possible to install a smart front panel with buttons and a liquid crystal display, in order to facilitate the operation of the device.

Ficha de datos
Entrada de VídeoHDMI
Salida de VídeoFibra Óptica
Tipo de ConversorDe Rack / Fijo

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